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Exciting Announcement: I’m A Tommee Tippee Dadvocate


Hey guys and gals, I am over the moon to announce that I have been chosen to be a dadvocate for the awesome brand, Tommee Tippee, an ambassadorial role I am very keen to jump into with adventures with my little Daisy-Ella. I have been a fan of Tommee Tippee for a while now and use a plethora of their ... Read More »

Sensory Play Is Just As Much Fun For Me As It Is For My Daughter


Recently I had a day out with my little Daisy-Ella that was a little different… I enjoy the idea of softplay, the ability to run around with her, play and feel safe in the process but to mix it up with sensory is just genius. Unsure as to why, but the sensory room was completely empty, void of any whimper ... Read More »

Mayday Mayday… Websites on the Fritz and Update, Walking, Teeth and Adventures.


Hey there all you fathers out there, so recently I was informed of the knowledge that none of my posts had been actually going on-line and have now miraculously disappeared, to no avail I’ve been trying fearlessly to get the plethora of posts back but it just doesn’t seem like its going to happen I’m afraid. So what’s new in ... Read More »

Adventures Of A Little Strawberry Book


So, in the last few months I had been playing round with the idea of creating something long lasting for my daughter, something that can really spell out how special she is to me and how much I love her. I’ve taken the step to have my foot tattooed with the cartoon character that’s been created around her little nickname, ... Read More »

Do Your Family And Friends Really Support You?


Its come to that time in my life where I have to really look at what support structure I have behind me and whether it helps me flourish or whether its toxic to the point of destructive and to be honest I’ve had quite a revelation. My friends are, as they say, the family you choose and in all tense ... Read More »

My Strawberry Girl As A Tattoo


How Do You Show Your Love? So recently I have decided to take the plunge and get a little piece on my foot dedicated to my daughter, Daisy-Ella. After a year of trying to decipher what approach I wanted to go with, one just pops out to me. I’ve designed a few tattoos with re-design upon re-design but nothing felt ... Read More »

Tommee Tippee Sippee – New Cups And Giveaway


Being a relatively new daddy I found myself inundated with a plethora of information and advice from ‘best brand to use’ to ‘this one worked for us’ but ultimately the only person who could decide what to get was my little Straw-Berry girl, Daisy-Ella, and boy did she find a favourite very fast. Tommee Tippee were one of those brands ... Read More »

‘ Daddy Nesting ’ – does it exist?


  Disclosure: I was asked to write a post on nesting by Milton and was compensated for my time to write this post. All opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. ‘Daddy Nesting’ – does it exist? Apparently it does! We all know that women “nest” while waiting for their baby to arrive but what about expecting ... Read More »

Top 8 Problems That Destroy Your New Family


From time to time relationships go through a rocky road, one that seems endless and without resolution. Sometimes you have to take a step back and look at yourselves to truly understand the issues you are facing. Even with the smallest of love and relationship left there is always a chance for you to heal your situation and build your foundations up to great ... Read More »

Can A Marriage Survive The Worst?


From time to time bad things do happen, sometimes for reason unknown to you and sometimes for reasons out of your control but its the way in which you stand your ground and build on your experiences. Sometimes it can be too late, I must admit, But for me I live by a defensible knowledge of what makes a marriage ... Read More »

How Postnatal Depression Can Destroy Families


Post Natal Depression in Parents Post natal depression is a bitch.  It is a shitty thing to have to go through, robbing you of that precious time of welcoming your new baby.  For a new mother going through this, it feels like it takes away their control, leaving them with unmanageable thoughts and feeling like they are a stranger in ... Read More »

Fathers Today vs. Fathers of Yesterday


Fathers Today vs. Fathers of Yesterday I’m sure that no one would argue that the role of a Father today has changed greatly compared to our fathers who raised us and their fathers who raised them. Today the traditional role of “breadwinner” is not just held solely on the men in the family but now women can not only be ... Read More »

Intimacy after a baby is a minefield worth taking on!


I wish I could tell you that sex after baby is easy and it only gets better but that would be a far from the truth. When a new baby comes – it is a game changer. Bringing a new child into this world is about the most challenging thing you can do in your life and no matter how much you ... Read More »

My 2014 – A New Dad Adventure In Pictures


My adventures as a new dad With all things said and done, 2014 is going to always hold a special place in my heart. With all the ups and downs there’s one thing that will always make this year a happy year, My Daisy-Ella. Its a new world being a dad, one that has changed me as a person and ... Read More »

Giftcards – Great Last Minute Gift For The Digital World!

Young man playing video game with his younger cousin

Year by year we try to do the best by our family and friends and get them the gift they truly deserve but on that odd occasion we end up living in this scenario, it’s  December 24th 11:59pm – “I FORGOT A GIFT” As a parent I often sit by and think “What can I get this Christmas?“. sometimes I ... Read More »

A Goodbye To My Daughter

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So in my post A New Home A Fresh Start I made clear on the changes of our lives as a newly formed family and what amazing chances we have been given to evolve how our family are, but was it the right choice? All I can think right now is Yes and No. The pros are in the right ... Read More »

How To Be A Sports Mad Dad In 5 Easy Steps And Get Away With It


  Disclosure: I was sent a Pamper Parcel  from Betfair to review about my sport mad world to compensate for my time to write this post. All opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. I’m an Arsenal fan, a Packers fan and just an all round SPORTS FAN   Its not everyday that you get to meet someone ... Read More »