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Daddyzone Really Does Exist And I’m Right In It.


I’m in Daddyzone Knowledge about fathers interactions with their children at a young age is, I must say, thin at best. Not much to read and not much to learn as a broad emphasis of this topic is revolved around the interactions of mother and baby. So to understand this phenomenon I’ve had to ride off the back of information ... Read More »

What Dads Say #1


1. Before having your bundle of joy you may have tried to learn everything there was to know about parenting. What did you learn that now, is useless to you?And what piece of advice could you not live without? Becoming a father is one thing in life that cannot be taught. You can listen to all the advice in the ... Read More »

The Best Christmas She’ll Never Rememeber


Tis The Season To Be Jolly Christmas is here and it will be the first time I get to instill the magic of this holiday myself, onto someone else. I grew up believing in Christmas even when I knew old Kringle wasn’t real. It was the idea. The excitement. The joy. I want our Daisy-Ella to know what it was ... Read More »

Mommy VS. Daddy – Roles Redefined- Does Your Little One Choose Your Role As Parent?


Mommy VS. Daddy Roles Redefined Focus on children who define parents roles – who to go to when they need to feel safe and who they go to when they need to be reassured or cuddled. And how to be okay in roles that were defined to you by your children. Before children, my wife and I would talk about ... Read More »

Daisy-Ella’s Ride

“chauffeur on we go” The post Daisy-Ella’s Ride appeared first on Daddycamo Dad Blog. Source: Daddycamo Dad Blog Read More »

Cow & Gate 5 Step Weaning program


Disclosure: I was sent a Ambassadorial Weaning Package from Cow & Gate to review and was compensated for my time to write this post. All opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. Weaning program Firstly,welcome to my review of the 5 step weaning plan. lets move on and find out more information about this plan and what it ... Read More »

Moving Your Little One Into Their Own Room Can Be Scary


Moving Daisy-Ella Into Her Own Room Was Scary But We Got Their In The End. Moving your baby into their own room can be met with mixed emotions. It can be very comforting having your little one close and being able to see them whenever you want, especially when they are still feeding multiple times at night. But there are ... Read More »

Daisy-Ella’s Ride


“chauffeur on we go” Read More »

A Bath At Last – A Time To Relax … Oh Wait!!


As everyone can understand the first few months of having a new child can be quite daunting and can take a strangle hold on your time and your sanity at times.. But its not good to dwell on the what’s ifs.. Instead I’m taking these rare few moments to put the tap on and take a much needed soak. Bubbles ... Read More »

A New Home A Fresh Start


Its not everyday that someone comes into your life and changes every aspect of it, from the way you sleep and eat to how you interact with your family and friends. But this, as I now understand, is the life of a father.. And sometimes, just sometimes life can throw you an opportunity that can seriously reignite those moments that ... Read More »

Its Daddy Chef time with Hari Ghotra -


  Disclosure: I was sent The Madras Curry Kit from Hari Ghotra to review and was compensated for my time to write this post. All opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. Now, lets start from the beginning and answer the fable words of Who is Hari Ghotra? Hari is an Indian cook and teacher but also a mother, a marketing ... Read More »

My Geek Box – Nerdpocolypse


Disclosure: I was sent The October Box from MyGeekBox to review and was compensated for my time to write this post. All opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. Now, what people seem to forget is being a father is a full time job and sometimes we need a little bit of ‘us time’ to calm ... Read More »

My Little Swimmer


As you’ve seen in my past post I’m an avid enthusiast about getting my daughter into water and watching her swim.. I had one lesson before but learnt so much from water babies. My previous lesson was just a complete luck of the draw. A free NCT programmed swimming session with water babies that was set aside for 5 parents ... Read More »

Interview With The Mogul Mommies


I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Amber of The Mogul Mommies recently to be included on their site as their first ‘Dad blogger’ piece. Go check them out at www.themogulmommies.com Mogul Mommies has the pleasure of welcoming our first dad blogger–Chris of Daddy Camo Blog! He joins us all the way from the UK where he lives with his ... Read More »

Nightmares Are Not Just For Children


It’s 5am and I’m sitting here on my humble throne (the toilet) trying to take in what on earth just went through my mind as I slept. I’m generally not a man who has dreams let alone nightmares but this one just screwed me up a little. I’ve been up for 10 minutes now and the nightmare is still Very, ... Read More »

How Respect Is Not Just Given Its Earned


There may come a time for some of you, including myself, in life where you need to bow down and admit that you need help and by no mean feat, it can be quite daunting a task to take on in your new adventure into fatherhood. I do have a completely different idea on what it should entail though. A ... Read More »

5 Reasons Why Girls With Tattoos And Piercings Are Inspirational


5 Reasons Why Girls With Tattoos And Piercings Are Inspirational – A Reply There has never been such a time in history where all men and women’s paths have been inter twined, and this can be based on a complete evolution on society and its views on equality. I read an article today that I could not disagree with more. ... Read More »