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How Respect Is Not Just Given Its Earned


There may come a time for some of you, including myself, in life where you need to bow down and admit that you need help and by no mean feat, it can be quite daunting a task to take on in your new adventure into fatherhood. I do have a completely different idea on what it should entail though. A ... Read More »

5 Reasons Why Girls With Tattoos And Piercings Are Inspirational


5 Reasons Why Girls With Tattoos And Piercings Are Inspirational – A Reply There has never been such a time in history where all men and women’s paths have been inter twined, and this can be based on a complete evolution on society and its views on equality. I read an article today that I could not disagree with more. ... Read More »

Stressed.. But I am dad.

So today I’m going on a quest of my own.. Not of self indulgence or ignite something missing but more of a self healing journey… Yep that’s right. “But why chris? Why do you need to heal?” I hear you murmur. Well, I’m stressed. VERY stressed. It’s unbelievable how something I used to shut off as weakness can ultimately dictate ... Read More »

How Burping and Farting Make me happy

Daisy-ella transparent

  How Burping and Farting Make me happy So for some of you these moments may send a shiver down your spine or just down right freak you out but not the daddy version of me and its all thanks to little old Daisy-Ella. Pre dating the birth of my daughter I had gone a little bit mad with preemptively ... Read More »

My Journey To London Taaan


Today was a day of opened eyes and inspiration 22nd September 2014: I’m ready and raring to go. I’ve got my bag packed. Products ready for me to evaluate and obliterate. My beards done. I’ve memorised awesome quotes and excerpts I want to say and my nerves are cool as ice. I’m set. 23rd September 2014 “Chris you’re late”…. Shit ... Read More »

Passing Away – Waving Goodbye To My Grandmother


Sending all my love and prayers to my family today. I woke up today, just like every other day, ready to tackle anything that gets thrown at me.. Daisy-Ella had been changed and fed and my wife was on duty to look after her for a bit whilst I was cheekily getting some rest upstairs. I just wasn’t expecting this. ... Read More »

Scottish Independence – A Tale Of A Broken Nation


My referendum I sit here on the eve of one of the most influential and inspiring days of my life time. A chance for a nation of people to stand up and take a grasp of their right to be independent and governed by themselves. To watch whether a nation decides to break up this temperamental and sometimes stubborn marriage ... Read More »

Moving Home – The Alternate ending


So, I’ve been away for a week or two on a new adventure with Daisy-Ella . “Please Chris tell us more” I hear you begrudgingly moan. Well ladies and gentleman, we are moving house, a small job for any old Tom, Dick and Harry, yet this time round it came about with the most hardest of times. It started a ... Read More »

My Gaming review – Accessories


I’d like to say a huge thank you to the guys at LimeXB360 for sending me a package to use and review. Go Check them out for all your pro gaming needs at www.limexb360.co.uk Hey guys, welcome to my section on gaming. Today I’m going to be talking about something a little different. Something that lingers in the back of ... Read More »

Success – My First Night Alone With My Daughter


For well over a year now OH has been the carrier and supportive structure for my beautiful daughter Daisy-Ella. It has, by my own admission, been a lot more intense than I first thought it would be but that hasn’t stopped me from jumping in head first every chance I can get. Tonight was the night I took the reins and ... Read More »